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If you are in a band then check out the venues. The venues listed were posted by the venue owners or their staff. They should include all the information you will need to play there.

Some venues may even have several listings for different dates. Pick the listing you can perform.

Each listing should include the approximate size of the venue, the type of crowd, the type of establishment, a contact name and number, how long they expect you to play, and the amount of money they are going to pay you.


List your dates here for free! Go to the VENUES link above and create an account. There you can list upcoming dates that you need to book bands.

List your venue, size, type of crowd, when you need bands, musical style, and how much you are going to pay. Then sit back and wait. Include a contact name and number (or email) and the bands will find you. You\'ll be on the map and they can easily find you. Heck, they can even find out how far they are from your venue.

It\'s really easy to get started and fun to do.


So you have a rock venue. It\'s a really awesome place and people love it. You want to have a really big weekend. You want four bands a night for Saturday and Sunday. Get noticed. Upgrade your ad for twenty bucks. Splurge! It\'ll get your ad posted in our featured ads slider across the top of the main listings page. Also, it\'s going to make the ad sticky and appear at the top of the listings.

It makes all the difference and it\'s worth twenty bucks when you have an important show coming up.